My List Of Top Keywords When Searching For Bargain Properties

My List Of Top Keywords When Searching For Bargain Properties

When you’re scrolling through or domain to try find those bargain properties it’s easy to get lost in the maze of the hundreds of thousands of properties all claiming to be the ‘deal of the century’ in the marketing spiel. However, every now & again you come across those properties which look oddly under-valued or the vendor is just desperate to sell – cha-ching! Let the negotiations begin.


I like to keep my eyes peeled for those properties which might require a little bit of TLC, or it might be a bank repossession, or where the vendor just needs to sell for whatever reason. I have found some of the best properties I have purchased has come as a result of the aforementioned circumstances.


A method I use to break through the noise on & domain is to refine my search criteria by using keywords to filter through the thousands of listed properties. Below I have listed some of my favourite search terms which are commonly used by real estate agents in the marketing spiel.


Key words

  • Mortgagee, Distressed, Bank repossession, Deceased (estate), Desperate, Liquidating(ion)
  • Private sale, Off-market
  • Damaged, Fire damaged, Water damaged
  • Renovators delight, Renovate, Renovation, Run down, Repair, TLC
  • Yield, Cash flow, Cash cow
  • Housing commission, Department of Housing, Ex-housing
  • STCA (subject to council approval), Development


If you have any other keywords you use to refine your search please share them in the comment section below or feel free to reach out to me on my social media platforms and I can answer any questions you have.